Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X

The Samsung Galaxy S10's 5G credentials come from reports detailing how Qualcomm and the South Korean maker have recently announced a 'strategic relationship' agreement, which specifically mentions the "transition to 5G".

A transition to 5G for the S10 would make perfect sense for the flagship, and add to its list of features that will have Apple worried. We know that Samsung has got the 5G tech in place to make this happen.

A 5G connection on the S10 would allow users simply incredible download and upload speeds, while also opening the gateway to play AAA games via streaming services like PS Now, as well as stream high-fidelity 4K movies.

With the S10 slated for launch at Mobile World Congress 2019, taking place at the end of February, it would also cement Samsung's position at the fore of the 5G charge, leaving many of its rivals playing catch up.

If we were to make a call, though, of the rumoured S10 models we would expect only the "Beyond 1" and "Beyond 2" models to have a 5G connection, not the entry level "Beyond 0" model.

Still, the idea of holding a 5G-equipped smartphone as early as February next year, if not earlier (see Sony's 5G phone below) is a mouth-watering proposition.

Sadly, Samsung has recently poured cold water on the idea that the Galaxy S10 will be its 5G debut: while that's disappointing, the company is still insisting that a 5G phone is on the way. Could it be the famous, foldable Samsung Galaxy X perhaps?